The Purple Gnocchi Eater


I thought I had a winner.  Had I won it would have been two years in a row because last year’s entry,  my lasagne bolognese, was the champ.

UNICO logo2I’m talking about a pasta recipe contest sponsored by the Delaware chapter of a national Italian-American service organization called UNICO.  And you would be correct,  members are called “unicans”.

This time I entered the item featured below with total confidence of its success.  Purple potato gnocchi with a four-cheese sauce,  known in Italy as gnocchi alla fonduta.  The word “fonduta” means fondue,  and reflects the four-cheese blend one might find in Swiss fondue recipes.

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Agnolotti Are Not Ravioli – or are they?


There is another name for stuffed pasta found on menus just about everywhere in Italy but apparently nowhere in the U.S. except maybe in the high end restaurants.  The name is Agnolotti and you don’t ever pronounce the “g”.

These tasty items are normally stuffed with ground up braised veal or pork and parmesan cheese.  According to the scholars the more familiar Ravioli usually,  but not always,  are stuffed with other cheeses such as ricotta and vegetables such as spinach, in addition to or instead of ground meat.  So you ask,  all in all what is the difference?

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