Tomato Junction

For a plant that started out in ancient history as a weed amongst the cornfields of South America,  to be rooted out and tossed in the trash by the Inca farmers,  the tomato has come a long way.  Much has been written about the tomato’s transformation from nuisance weed to an ingredient in cooking loaded with versatility.  Once introduced into Europe by the Conquistadores it gradually passed from mere curiosity to household ornament to,  finally,  a distinguished place at the dinner table.  Also probably everyone knows that probably nowhere in the world has the Pomo d’oro – the “golden apple” – achieved such prominence and stature as in Italy,  particularly in the old Kingdom of Two Sicilies – all the territory south of Rome once belonging to the French, Spanish, Normans and a host of random uninvited rulers. Continue reading “Tomato Junction”